Vocational Education & Training (VET)

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), WA College of Agriculture – Narrogin (WACoA Narrogin) is responsible for the delivery of training and assessment in compliance with the Australian Quality Framework (AQF) Standards of training and assessment.

The Vocational Education and Training offered by WACoA Narrogin enables our students to gain the practical skills and knowledge that are essential to entering the workforce. These qualifications support all our students to gain access to a broad variety of post-school careers which include apprenticeships, traineeships, University and TAFE further education, and direct entrance into the workforce. Student success in the VET qualifications is also underpinned by wraparound learner support from Class and Student Services.

Our VET programs in Agriculture and four Trades areas are designed to meet the current industry standards and involve close partnerships with local businesses, industries across WA, South Regional TAFE and the community. All our students take part in Work Experience, in compliance with the Department of Education guidelines, from Years 10 to 12 and the College is appreciative of the ongoing support from our widespread host employers.


AHC20122 Certificate II in Agriculture (Release 1)

Our Certificate II in Agriculture introduces preliminary skills essential for success in the agricultural sector. Students have the opportunity to work in the livestock, cropping and shearing industries, on a fully operational farm, catering to diverse interests and career paths. Visit training.gov.au

This qualification equips individuals to perform routine tasks in agricultural settings, under supervision, instilling a sense of accountability for their work.


AHC30122 Certificate III in Agriculture (Release 1)

Building upon the foundation laid in Certificate II, the Certificate III in Agriculture is designed to foster independence and teamwork. The Certificate III allows students to tailor their studies to match their career aspirations, engaging in diverse practical tasks and assessments in cropping, livestock and wool handling industries. Visit training.gov.au

We also have a partnership agreement with South Regional TAFE for them to deliver and assess the AHC33166 Certificate III in Wool handling on our site.


CPC20220 Certificate II in Construction Pathways (Release 1)

This qualification is designed to introduce learners to the recognised trade callings in the construction industry. It provides a pathway to the primary trades in the construction industry (with the exception of plumbing and electrical trades), such as joinery, carpentry, bricklaying and other occupations in general construction. Visit training.gov.au

Our students learn essential construction skills such as tool usage, safety protocols, costing and estimating and interpreting plans. They gain practical experience through hands-on projects, explore industry practices, and have opportunities for work placements to prepare for careers in construction.


MSF20522 Certificate II in Furniture Making Pathways (Release 1)

This qualification delivers broad skills and knowledge in furniture making tasks which will enhance graduating students with entry level employment prospects for apprenticeships, traineeships or general employment in a furniture manufacturing environment or related workplace. Visit training.gov.au

Our students engage in hands-on furniture training, focusing on safety, design, and construction techniques. They learn to use various tools and materials to create basic furniture pieces while gaining insights into industry practices and standards.


AUR20720 Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation (Release 1)

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who perform a limited range of tasks relating to identifying and inspecting mechanical and electrical components and systems of light vehicles, heavy vehicles, outdoor power equipment, bicycles, marine craft and motorcycles. It also covers the skills and knowledge required to perform minor maintenance and repair of an automotive vehicle body. Visit training.gov.au

Our students develop foundational automotive skills encompassing maintenance, servicing, auto electrics, and repair techniques. Through hands-on learning in our industry-current workshop, they uphold safety protocols and workshop practices, ensuring a comprehensive preparation for automotive careers.

In Years 11 and 12, students can bring their own project vehicles to the College to work on.


MEM20422 Certificate II in Engineering Pathways (Release 1)

This qualification develops trade-like skills, for example, an introduction to welding, machining, and using engineering tools and equipment to produce or modify objects. It equips graduating students with the knowledge and skills which will enhance their prospect of employment in an engineering or related working environment. Visit training.gov.au

Our students participate in workshop tasks to grasp the intricacies of machinery, tooling, and processes within the engineering field. They subsequently pursue personalized projects, refining their abilities and deepening their understanding in preparation for a career in engineering.