Agricultural Advisory Committee


Current Members

Geoff Perkins Veronika Crouch
Pierre Maartens Stephen Madson
Alison Lacey Geoff Ballard
Harley Bairstow Graeme Dent
Sarah Hyde Helen Wyatt
Clare Roser
Antony Ward
Doug Giles (Chairperson)
Teresa Rafferty (Secretary)


Meeting dates for 2022

2 May


Next Meeting Agenda

2nd May 2022



14th March




27th October 11th August
12th May


9th March


3rd November 11th August
30th June 27th May
26th February





6th November 11th September
7th August 19th June
15th May 10th April


For older meeting minutes, please use the “Get in touch with us” button below to request an electronic copy.