We currently have a vacancy for a Farm Hand position to start in 2022, and would prefer to take on a worker that is keen to learn, has a positive work ethic and is interested in experiencing mixed enterprise farming, rather than single enterprise. We are willing to consider assisting with further education or certification.

A brief run down – We are a family run mixed farm based in the great southern, primarily focused on merinos, complemented by cropping, cattle and prime lambs.

Ideally looking for someone who is capable of learning on the job, can work in a team as well as independently. There are some jobs that will require supervision, but ultimately looking for a reliable individual who has common sense and can be trusted to get the job done while working solo, or will ask for help if they cannot.

Communication skills are essential.

Manual driver’s license is a must, and the ability / the willingness to learn how to operate machinery.

Duties would include but not limited to;

  • Machinery operation for seeding & harvest,
  • Feeding livestock and animal husbandry
  • Maintenance, both mechanical and fencing etc.

Contact details – Amy Schlueter 0428 301 877  slootafamily@bigpond.com