My congratulations and thanks to our students and staff involved in Wagin Woolorama. I had a number of members of the public come to me and commend our students on their manners, behaviour and dress. I also had a local farmer tell me he would employ any Narrogin Ag student because they come so well prepared with work readiness skills and attitudes. It reinforces my view that our students benefit directly from the College reputation and therefore should do nothing that detracts from that reputation.

Stephen Watt



I would like to congratulate and acknowledge our students who attended Woolorama. Their presentation in uniform was the best I have seen and from reports I have heard, they were excellent representatives of the College.

Mark Pascoe 



Wool Handling

  • 1st Brittany Simmons(ex student 2019)
  • 3rd Katelyn Lansdell


  • 1st Jacob Day(ex student 2019)
  • 3rd Tate Barrett


Students helped prepare cattle for two studs on the Friday. After doing a great job the studs allowed the students to compete with their cattle in the Student Paraders on the Saturday.


On the Friday the students showed our Suffolk sheep to a high standard.

  • 3rd
  • 2nd ewe born after the 1st
  • 3rd group of three ewes
  • 3rd group 2 rams and 2 ewes

Students competed in the junior judging on the Saturday. It was great to see past students on the open competitions. All students should be very proud of their efforts with preparation and their high standard during the show.


Emily McDonald 



Woolorama - Horses in Action

It was a quiet year at the “Funorama” games at the Pony Club site on the Saturday Wagin Woolorama. Four of our students chose to compete; Katie Kempton on Quid, Tealah Hawke on Maggie, Holly Nottle on Mango and Tamara Keens on Derry. The students washed, trimmed and polished their horses, tack and uniforms the day before for a professional turnout at the show.

At the event the students were grouped together as Senior Riders for Hacking and then rotated through the Handy Pony course, Games and Show Jumping.

The day began with Hacking and the students had the chance to compete against each other and the public in the following classes; Best Presented, Rider, Hack, Pleasure pony/horse and Novice (a pony/horse that hasn’t won a 1st ribbon on the day).

Once Hacking was completed everyone put their horses in the yards and helped set up the Show Jumping.

The Handy Pony course was ridden first which had competitors testing their skills in mounting, backing, walking over tarps and throwing balls through hoops amongst other skills. The Wagon Wheel and the Diamond Flag Race were the chosen games this year, both are timed events where students had to race against the clock through the course.

The Show Jumping ran this year with classes in Optimum time, which is where the winner is the rider closest to the time stated by the judge to get around the course; and AM7, which is where a course is set up and the rider must clear the course before qualifying for a jump off which is a shorter timed course. It was a great fun filled day with our students winning lots of ribbons and a bag full of prizes each.

The results were as follows:

  Hacking Show Jumping
Student Horse



Rider Hack Pleasure Novice 55cm 65cm 90cm

Tealah Hawke

Maggie 2nd 3rd 2nd 1st          1st
Katie Kempton Quid 3rd  2nd  4th  4th  3rd     2nd 2nd   
Holly Nottle Mango 4th  4th 3rd  4th 2nd 3rd 3rd   1st
Tamara Keens Derry 4th 4th 4th 3rd 1st 1st 2nd      

Louise Eastwood



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