Congratulations to all students and staff for their efforts at Wagin Woolorama. There were a number of successes in various competitions which is always pleasing. More important to me though, is having our students out and about in industry, looking good and behaving in an appropriate manner. My thanks to the staff who gave up their Saturday to enable our students to attend.

Stephen Watt



Congratulations must go to all students who entered the 2019 Wagin Woolorama woodworking competition. A total of nine students displayed work in the exhibition, representing themselves and also creating exposure for the college and the furniture making course.

Congratulations to;

  • · Regan Wilson, for winning First Place in the Section U Cat. 15 – Misc. Woodwork Item
  • · Luke Cavanagh, for winning First Place in the Section U Cat. 13 – Wall Clocks

Mitch Wray




Junior Judging

James Wasley placed 2nd out of 86 entrants and has qualified for the state final.

Junior Handling

Tanisha Revell placed 5th

Pippa May 6th

Both qualified for the state final.

Interschool Challenge (19 entries)

1st, 2nd and 3rd in the class and Champion Heifer

Stud Classes

2nd and 3rd in the heifers under 12 months old.

Trade Classes

2nd in the light weight steer and Reverse Champion light weight steer.

2 steers auctioned



Suffolk Sheep

Stud Classes

2nd in the Scan Ram Class

Shearing (32 entries)

Luke Armstrong 2nd

Tate Barrett 7th


Woolorama - Horses in Action

This year five students competed in traditional “Funorama” games at the Pony Club site on the Saturday of Woolorama. The students washed, trimmed and polished their horses, tack and uniforms the day before for a professional turnout at the show.

At the event the students were grouped according to age for Hacking and then were rotated between the three rings and their corresponding activities. The day began with Hacking, the students had the chance to compete against each other and the public in the following classes; Smartest on parade, Rider, Pleasure pony/horse, Pair of hacks and Hack.

Once Hacking was completed everyone put their horses in the yards and helped set up the Show Jumping, Handy Pony, 4 Barrel Race and the Bonfield Bounce. The show jumping this year consisted of Optimum Time, AM7 and Topscore. The Handy Pony course had competitors testing their skills in mounting, backing, turn on the hind quarters and being able to walk through many spooky objects. The Barrel Race and Bonfield Bounce are both timed events where students had to race against the clock through the course. The Barrel Race this year was an interesting challenge as there were four barrels instead of the usual three in which to negotiate around, and the Bonfield Bounce pricked the horse’s ears and tails as they were asked to jump a line of hay bales then spin around a flag to jump over the hay again, then spin around a flag to jump over the hay again and again and again until they reached the finish flags.

It was a great fun filled day with our students winning lots of ribbons and prizes, the results were as follows:

Show jumping:

AM7 Encouragement : 1st Eliza Higgins

AM7 45cm: 2nd Liz Foley

Topscore 60cm : 3rd Joe Murnane


  Hacking Games
Student Horse



Rider Pleasure Horse Pairs Hack Handy Pony 4 Barrel Race Bonfield Bounce



Pippa 6th 2nd 2nd 2nd 4th      
Eliza Higgins Leroy       3rd        
Elizabeth Foley TC   4th   3rd 7th 2nd 1st 2nd
Tealah Hawke Maggie 1st 6th 3rd 2nd 2nd 3rd    
Joe Murnane Joey 2nd   4th 5th 4th      

Louise Eastwood



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